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Winter Squash Carbonara Pancetta Pasta


Creamy kabocha squash creates a delicious sauce for fresh pasta flavored with sage and pancetta for a hearty winter meal.

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Flank Steak with Creamy Leek Sauce

gluten free

A creamy blend of sauteed leeks, garlic, and heavy cream create a delicious sauce for pan-seared flank steak, which is paired with...

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Chicken with SunDried Tomatoes and Bacon in a Spinach Cream Sauce

gluten free,kid approved

Chicken smothered in a delicious spinach cream sauce and topped with bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, and smoky melted cheese makes a ta...

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Maple Cardamom Glazed Salmon with Roasted Broccoli

kid friendly

The sweet and savory cardamom, combined with maple syrup, makes a rustic and slightly-smoky glaze for the salmon to pair perfectly...

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Tempeh and Green Bean Stir Fry with peanut sauce

one pan meal

<strong>This colorful vegetarian stir fry with a tangy-sweet peanut sauce makes a light meal to offset all the indulgence of the h...

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Blue Cheese and Sherry Vidalia Onion Burgers with Lef Greens

Quick Prep

Tangy blue cheese mayo and sweet grilled Vidalia onions pair nicely on this flavorful burger with Lef farm greens side salad.

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Fettuccine with Brussels Sprouts, Cranberries and Caramelized Onion

Quick Prep

<strong>This festive pasta dish combines winter favorites cranberries and Brussels Sprouts with bacon and caramelized onion for a ...

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Balsamic Chicken with Cranberry Wild Rice Pilaf


The rich, tangy flavor of the balsamic chicken blends nicely with a fruity wild rice pilaf for a hearty and simple meal.

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Cod Kabobs with Eggplant and Tomatoes


A fresh, fragrant basil chimichurri is served alongside these marinated and grilled fish skewers with eggplant and cherry tomatoes...

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Garlic Mushroom Parmesan Chicken

kid approved

Pan seared chicken in a creamy, parmesan sauce with mushrooms and spinach is an easy weeknight meal your whole family will enjoy.

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Baked Balsamic Lentil Stew with Rosemary Potatoes


A bed of savory lentils mixed with woodsy mushrooms, leeks and rosemary makes a cozy base for roasted potatoes topped with a touch...

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Instant Baskit Pot Roast

instant pot

This pot roast with an umami twist and the ease of the Instant Pot will make your house smell great and provide you with tasty lun...

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