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Kale and Black Bean Tacos


A quick and easy Chimichurri sauce adds flavor and a bit of spice to this tasty vegetarian meal, perfect for a warm summer night o...

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Avocado Chicken Salad Wraps


Poached chicken breasts mixed with a light avocado, citrus, and lemon dressing and heaped into lettuce cups makes a light but deli...

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Roasted Veggie Rainbow Pasta


A colorful mix of roasted vegetables and a fruity balsamic vinegar create the perfect sauce for pasta.

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Pan Fried Chorizo Burger

Quick Prep

Chorizo adds a pleasant spice to these burgers which taste great topped with avocado, spicy mayo, and a fried farm fresh egg.

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Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Chipotle Sauce and Side Salad


This recipe has it all - bacon, shrimp, and chipotle barbeque sauce. Yum!

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Baja Style Chicken Skewers and Mexican Cabbage Slaw


Fragrant fresh rosemary and spicy crushed red pepper flavor Baja-style chicken skewers served over a bright, crispy Mexican-style ...

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Skillet Chicken with Pancetta and Lemon

one pan meal

This delicious meal comes together easily with complex flavors and a tasty sauce that makes for an elegant weeknight dinner.

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Salmon Cakes with Chipotle Lime Dressed Salad


Homemade Salmon Cakes from Sal’s Fresh Seafood and wonderful greens from Lef Farms are the stars of this super quick and loc...

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Spicy Orange Cornish Hen with Roasted Broccoli

artisan style

A fragrant orange and spice glaze makes these Cornish hens spicy, flavorful, and perfectly paired with quick roasted broccoli.

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Salmon with Strawberry Pepper Salsa


Salmon topped with a spicy sweet dry rub and grilled on a cedar plank is tender and flavorful, and looks and tastes beautiful when...

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