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You will be asked to subscribe to Local Baskit to place your first order. You will then have meals in your Baskit Style suggested for you each week. You can swap these meals, skip the upcoming week and cancel at anytime. (See terms and conditions for more details.) You can adjust your weekly selection and delivery option from Monday AM to Friday at midnight.
Each week, you will need to place your order by MIDNIGHT on the Friday proceeding the week you would like delivery. You need to make your selections or skip the upcoming week by this time.
Yes! Swap meals, skip the upcoming week or change your delivery option each week by Friday at midnight . You can skip up to three weeks, pause your account and still receive email updates. You can also deactivate and be removed from weekly emails.
Currently we post and you order on a weekly basis for the freshest local ingredients. You can select to skip one, two or three weeks or pause for a longer period of time - just be sure to skip by our Friday at midnight deadline otherwise a Baskit will be prepared for you.
You will be charged according to your Baskit style and whether you select two person or four person and how many meals in a week you prefer. Feel free to click through various options on step two of the signup process to find the option that works best for you!
Please be sure to contact Beth at if you have any food allergies.
Yes! Our recipes often include gluten-free recipes. Please contact us if you have a specific dietary need: - the site does not yet match meals on dietary needs but we are happy to assist.
There are no cancellation fees, and you can restart the subscription at any time. Our goal is to make cooking fun and easy for you! We understand that life gets busy.
No. Our service is meant to be convenient for you!
We offer two and four serving portions on all Local Baskit meal. You can get one meal at a time through our Concord Marketplace pickup, see below for more information.
If you have any fish recipes, we recommend making those first. Because of the nature of our product--fresh, mostly local produce and items--we recommend enjoying that freshness within two to four days depending on the produce and fresh ingredients in your Baskit.
On the skip dialogue box, there is an option is pause your account for longer than three weeks. When paused you will still receive the weekly reminder emails and will not be charged unless you "unpause" with the link to receive selection. To completely deactivate and be removed from the weekly email reminder, go to the My Billing Information and select deactivate.
You can choose to pause your account for a period longer than three weeks from the skip dialogue box; when you are suspending you will continue to receive the weekly reminder emails about selections and our events. Many people select to suspend and then unsuspend on a week the selections and schedule works well for them, sometimes as infrequently as once every couple of month. If you would like to be removed from the weekly email lists and don't plan to use the service in the future, select deactivate from the My Billing Info page to be removed and canceled.
Much of our protein comes from small farms which send a pig or cow to be processed, so the meats come to us frozen. We follow public health guidelines and keep items frozen; we provide all fish frozen per this guidance. There will be times when chicken is cut to order for us early Tuesday and will come fresh; your Baskit's label will indicate if your protein is fresh or frozen.
Each recipe card does list a few items that you can expect to provide from your kitchen, these include salt, pepper, olive oil or other oils, and butter. On a rare occasion a recipe will call for an egg and we do not provide these because of transport and packaging issues.

Concord Marketplace

We are easy to find in the Concord Center on 10 Ferry Street off of North Main Street. From the I93 (North or South!): take Exit 15W off of I93; get into far left lane; at 2nd light, take a left. Parking is available and we are right there!
We are open: Monday 11 to 6; Tuesday 11 to 7; Wednesday 11-6; Thursday 11-7; Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-6
Yes! CookTonight meals are 2-person or 4-person recipes you can take home and make that night. These meal selections vary, as they--like many of our recipes--are influenced by what produce is locally available.
Yes! We encourage you to stop in and see the many varieties we offer. We have been named Concord's Best Retail Beer Selection several years in a row. We offer a great sale shelf as well as singles, ciders and wine too!
Yes! We offer wine from both local and international vintners. Please check the CookTonight section of our website for tasting events!
We do! We have a variety of local products as well as prepared heat and meals from Angela's Pasta shop, Red Beard's Kitchen and more! We also operate the Cafe in the building lobby Monday through Thursday from 930 to 130


You choose your delivery day! We offer delivery on Wednesday and Friday via UPS shipping. Items are typically shipped in one day.
Shipping costs $10-12 for UPS delivery to New Hamphire towns and is FREE for home dropoff locations. For more details on our home delivery areas - including Nashua, Bedford, Portsmouth, Exeter and more - go to How It Works and read the Receiving Your Baskit section.
No - our boxes are delivered by UPS and can be left on your porch or other designated area. You will be sent tracking information to track your package.
You will be provided a tracking number for your package and can inquiry directly with our shipper or follow up with Local Baskit at or call 603-219-0882
We take service very seriously, so we appreciate your contacting us if this happens, and we will do all we can to ensure this doesn't happen again. Send us a message at or call us at 603-219-0882.
We would, however, encourage you to recycle the bag by leaving it out for your driver or bringing items back to your Concord pickup.
We would love to hear your thoughts! Please contact us at


At Local Baskit, our goal is to create as little waste as possible, and our packaging reflects this. You can recycle the following items at your local recycling service: Any plastic container that has the recycle triangle on it (please be sure to check your local recycling service, as not all services recycle the same items) The shipping box Paper bags Packaging material (such as newspapers, cardboard)
You can return these items to us: 1. Local Baskit delivery bags (pick-up service only); 2. Silver lining bags in the shipping boxes or the delivery bags that keep items cool; 3. Ice packs; 4. Any of the plastic bottles and lids (these are used in a STEM program at a local school as well as an art program).
Local Baskit Concord: 10 Ferry Street in the Concord Center off of North Main Street during business hours
Just leave out for your driver - tips are appreciated too!
Just leave out for your driver - tips are appreciated too!
Just leave out for your driver - tips are appreciated too!
Not at this time but we hope to offer a green packaging option in the near future!
Any time you are near Concord, please drop off items to our Marketplace. If we are not open, feel free to leave them right by our front door. We can see you on camera and will know that you dropped off - thank you!

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