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Artisan Baskit customers can choose recipes from any of the three styles. Simple Baskit customers will need to supply their own meat, fish, or tofu.

Grilled Lemon Halloumi


Slices of Halloumi cheese are drizzled with a lemony, herby dressing and then seared in a hot oven, paired with roasted lemon slic...

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Coconut Salmon with Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad

premium,quick prep

Seared salmon topped with a spicy, creamy coconut sauce is the perfect accompaniment to a cool and colorful Vietnamese rice noodle...

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Summer Squash Couscous


This complex vegetarian dish marries summer squash with pistachios, mint, and golden raisins for a satisfying warm-weather meal.

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Zucchini Riccota Fritters with Super Salad

gluten free

Crispy zucchini and ricotta fritters pair with a super salad for a tasty vegetarian meal. We use gluten free flour, so it is glute...

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