Receiving Your Baskit

UPDATE 2.2.24


A distinct advantage of Local Baskit is our personalized Home Drop Off by our own Local Baskit delivery team. This dedicated team of drivers cares for your Baskit drop off - you can leave us specific instructions - and we will also pickup your Baskit bags, ice packs and some bottles for reuse and recycling. Distributed across five zones and two days, we providehome delivered Baskits to more than 25 New Hampshire towns. A small delivery fee is charged by town and is added to your plan price per your zip code. Note the first town listed in each zone is our "hub" town and the delivery fee (shown in parathesis) is adjusted incrementally the distance from the hub; this prices are subject to change and we can decline to provide delivery per business needs, weather and other factors.

Additionally, UPS delivery is available for a fee in other New Hampshire towns not listed below and are shipped on Tuesday for overnight arrival.  This fee is $18 per package, a 40% discount; should the shipping rate be above $26 due to the rural nature of your delivery, you will be charged the full UPS shipping fee. Please note that Local Baskit is currently only available in the state of New Hampshire.


  1. select I'd Rather Pickup if you can pick up in Hopkinton at Barrel & Baskit; you can select to pickup Tuesday through Saturday (most customers choose Tuesday.) Everyone else would select Delivery from the dropdown options, delivery will be charged per your zip code and the towns we drop off by hand to your doorstep are listed below; we also pick up ice packs, packaging and the bags at delivery. All other NH towns are UPS for arrival Wednesday.

HOPKINTON PICKUP at 377 Main Street Hopkinton

Pick up in Hopkinton is available Tuesday through Saturday; you can select your day and pickup each day begins after 1pm until our posted close time, unless you call to make arrangements for earlier pickup.

CONCORD HOME DELIVERY ZONE - dropped between 2 and 5pm on Tuesday

Concord (3), Bow & Dunbarton (6 - split btw Manchester and Concord), Boscawen (5), Canterbury (5), Chichester (5) Loudon (5), Penacook (3), Pembroke (5)

LAKES REGION - dropped by 930 and noon on Wednesdays. 

Laconia ($6), Gilford ($6), Tilton ($6)

ROUTE 89 ZONE - dropped between 1 and 5pm on Tuesday

Warner (4) , North Sutton (5) , Sutton (7) New London (9), Wilmot (7), Sunapee (7)

MANCHESTER and SOUTHERN ROUTE - dropped between noon and 6pm on Tuesday

Manchester ($3), Bow & Dunbarton (6 - split btw Manchester and Concord), Hooksett ($4), Bedford ($4), Litchfield ($5) Goffstown ($5), Weare ($6), Henniker ($6), Hillsboro ($8), Auburn ($5 - note this route will split btw Manchester and 101 so can arrive Tuesday or Wednesday)  Londonderry (7) and Derry (7)  

NASHUA - dropped between 1pm and 6pm on Tuesday

Nashua ($3), Amherst ($5), Merrimack ($5), Hollis ($6), Milford (please email, default to UPS but some address may be close to Amherst and be eligible for home dropoff)

101 and Seacoast - dropped between 11am and 4pm on Wednesday

Portsmouth (3), Exeter (3), Rye (5), Dover (5) New Market (5), Epping (6), Raymond (6), Candia (6), Hampton (6) Stratham (6), East Kingston (8), Hampstead (8) Rochester (10)


We recommend making your update from a laptop or an ipad; if you are using a phone you will need to scroll down below the grids. You can also email Beth directly to update your account and we will manage your delivery or pickup manually. Thank you!

1) Login

2) Select My Delivery Schedule

3) Scroll down to the next week available - that would be 7 days from the Monday of the current week we are in.

4) Select UPS arrival - this is for BOTH UPS packages and home delivery dropoff. Your charge is calculated per your zip code.

5) Note you will be changing from I'd rather pickup in most instances and until you make the change to your account we will process the delivery fee for your account on the weeks you select a Baskit.

Email if you are near a town listed, we can check out route to see if you can be added. If you are added to a route that is outside a main town listed, you will be charged $10. Please also note that we reserve the right to adjust your dropoff timing (after 5pm or to the next day) according to weekly routes and weather.

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